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Noodles and Soup

Now in residency @ Bambolina Restaurant

288 Derby Street · Salem, MA

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The Story

We are currently in residency at our sister restaurant, Bambolina.  You can now get both Kokeshi, AND BAMBOLINA!! at the same place!  We have both full menus out of one location so you no longer have to choose.  Order from one menu, or both!  Online ordering is also combined.  Click 'ORDER ONLINE' to order takeout from both restaurants, and pick up everything from 288 Derby Street.  


Welcome to Kokeshi! Our name derives from the hand-painted, wooden Japanese dolls steeped in tradition from a time beyond memory. Those of you familiar with our other restaurant, Bambolina, might recall that Bambolina loosely translates from Italian as “baby doll”. See a pattern? Through the names of our restaurants, we pay homage to our daughters and celebrate the strong young women who inspire our hard work. 

Kokeshi is a dining experience that brings bold, authentic flavors to historic Salem from a different part of the world. We want you to explore Asian street food in a casual atmosphere with a bit of fun.  We approach the concept full on.  Our  menu includes ramen and a number of tasty small plates. This comfort food has soul, and it has a place here on the North Shore. The dishes are recognizable but everything has a hint of exotic flair.  The vast wealth of Asian cuisine allows us to cook with the seasons and maintain culinary integrity which is, of course, paramount. We hope to respect the craft through continuously learning, reading, and refining our skills and techniques.

We have dedicated our professional lives to food because we steadfastly believe that food can strengthen community bonds like nothing else can. Kokeshi is the result of decades of travel and experience creating new concepts and dining experiences.  Thank you for allowing us to cook for you!

Photo: Creative Salem

Hours & Location


Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-8:30PM
Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-9:30PM

288 Derby Street
Salem MA 01970



Museum Place Garage
1 New Liberty Street $.75/hour

South Harbor Garage
10 Congress Street $.25/hour


Please phone the restaurant for indoor and outdoor reservations

We look forward to serving you soon